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HVE bestaat 55 jaar!

Insurance at Hoekstra & van Eck Insurances

a team of experienced insurance advisors

Transport or
Transport ormotor / car insurance?

Transport and motorcar insuranc

At Hoekstra & van Eck Verzekeringen we offer a range of different kinds of insurance. One of them, for instance, is the transport or motorcar insurance. Maybe you own a small company in which a lot of transportation needs to be done. We can offer you the perfect insurance, and a personal contact person who will be there for you whenever it’s needed. But when you need just a simple, plain insurance for your car, we are also the company you are looking for!

Protect your home
Protect your homeagainst burglars

House Insurance

Of course, at Hoekstra & van Eck is mainly known for the house and living business. But we can do more than just help you at buying or selling a house. As soon as the deal is made, you will go and have to look for some good insurance concerning household, valuables and home contents. Don’t look any further. At Hoekstra & van Eck we will keep in touch as soon as you bought a house with us, but of course we are very willing to help you when you have not worked with us before as well.

Carefreeon vacation

Relaxation and traveling

When you go out for some relaxing -for instance on a holiday or something similar-  you don’t want to have to worry about non-essential issues (for that moment). Nothing is more disturbing as running into problems when you are just looking to get some rest. Therefore Hoekstra & van Eck Verzekeringen will try to help you with those kind of problems. You can choose for a short-term insurance, aimed at a specific travel or holiday or you can go for a continuous insurance.

Juridical problems?
Juridical problems?Hoekstra & van Eck

Legal assistence insurance

A legal assistance insurance makes sure you get the juridical assistance or advice you need. This is an insurance that doesn’t pay you a sum of money, but experts will help you to handle your juridical problems. These costs will be covered by us, as well as the costs that are made in the process. Of course, this service will not count for criminal law cases. From every other kind of case, Hoekstra & van Eck Verzekeringen is the insurance company you need!

No worries
No worriesduring mourning


Not something you’d like to think about all the time, but of course you want the funeral of your beloved ones –or your own- to be arranged as good as possible. At Hoekstra & van Eck Verzekeringen we will try to help you in any way possible. 

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